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Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC

divorce judgment
  • Expert witness testimony at trial or hearings.

  • Reviewing financial documents with you to help you better understand the financial picture of the issue at hand.

  • Assisting you in the preparation of deposition and/or cross examination questions related to marital dissolution financial issues.

  • Help prepare subpoenas to ensure that the necessary documents are requested.
  • Working with you to prepare concise, easy to follow Exhibits that better explain your position or rebut the opposing side’s position on marital dissolution financial issues.

  • Assist with the preparation of Court required financial filings.

  • Attend Meetings, Depositions, Settlement Conferences or Trial to be there to confer with you as an expert witness accountant on financial issues as they arise.


  • If you are a Mediator/Arbitrator or Conciliator, we can be present to help you obtain a complete understanding of the divorce-related financial issues at hand.

Besides preparing concise schedules and trial reports, Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC can assist with your divorce accounting needs by providing many other services such as the following:

Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC can prepare concise schedules and trial reports on many complex marital dissolution accounting issues that arise during a divorce. These issues include, but are not limited to the following:

How Cantor Forensic Accounting, PLLC Can Help You

  • High net-worth financial issues

  • Income determination for spousal maintenance and child support.

  • Business valuations.

  • Separate property tracing.

  • Community waste claims.

  • Marital standard of living (lifestyle analysis).

  • Retirement Plan and Stock option analysis.

  • Income tax issues related to a divorce.